Bestway Portable Spa Hot Tub

CAD $500.00



The AirJet system features 140 jets which release bubbles from the bottom of the spa to create a warm, bubbling hot tub environment. These soothing bubbles will help you relax and unwind right from the comfort of your home.  

This spa’s inflatable walls are made of durable, puncture-resistant, DuraPlus™ material which prevents damage. Compared to PVC, DuraPlus 3-layer material is 33% more tear resistant and 56% more stretch resistant. This type of internal construction prevents expansion over time, allowing the spa to retain the same shape no matter how many times it's inflated and deflated.

The included Freeze Shield™ automatic heating function prevents inner components from freezing during colder temperatures. Designed with innovative winterizing technology, the system will keep the internal temperatures between 42º and 50ºF (6º and 10ºC) to prevent damage.

Our spas feature a Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter system to help ground the product, preventing any potential electric shocks while the spa is in use.           


1 spa, 1 cover, 1 pump, 1 ChemConnect dispenser, 1 filter cartridge (VI), 1 repair patch                        


Capacity: 4-6 adults

Water Capacity (80%): 242 gal. (916 L)

Inflated Size: 1.96 m x 71 cm (77 in. x 28 in.)

Inner Size: 1.46 m (57 in.)

Filled Weight: 954 kg (2,103 lb.)

Actual Water Flow: 320 gal./h (1,211 L/h)

Heating System: Approx. 2-3˚F/h (1.0-1.5˚C/h)

Max. Heat Capability: 104˚F (40˚C)

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